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Kazakhstan Networking Partners is a professional organizer of business B2B events, an official event partner of the Association of Management and Service Companies QAZPROPERTY.
Our mission is the implementation of projects with the aim of high-quality communication with the target audience.

CRE School

The branch school on commercial real estate includes seminars, courses and modular training for all who wish to be a leader in their industry.
The modern market is changing rapidly and requires its own requirements and standards.
Learn from the best professionals and practitioners of the world to implement your ideas and projects in business.
Following the results of training, all participants are issued a certificate.
And remember, learning is an investment to the future.


Courses for obtaining the title of certified property manager — CPM.
For the first time in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Networking Partners provides an opportunity to study and obtain the prestigious certificate of the Institute of Real Estate Management — IREM.
IREM training courses are designed both for professionals and who already has working in the real estate market, and for those who begin their activities in the field of real estate management.
Interest in IREM education and diplomas is very high. The Institute is the only Association of specialists in real estate management.
The globalization of the real estate management industry has provided IREM with an excellent opportunity to set standards for real estate management and education in this area.
Qualified teachers are introduced to technologies that have proven themselves to manage and work with any kind of real estate.

Business meetings

Join the professional community where at a business meeting of CRE Breakfast or CRE Meeting — current and popular topics in the commercial real estate market are discussed in a round table.
During the networking, useful acquaintances take place, where the meeting participants exchange business cards and enjoy delicious coffee.
Business meetings are held monthly in the regions of Kazakhstan and in Central Asia.


Commercial Real Estate Week is an international business platform for the largest commercial real estate players in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Europe: developers, business owners, representatives of brokerage, construction, management and service companies, architects, designers and engineers.
Top speakers and practitioners come with real cases in the field of management and development of the commercial real estate market and speak at the business forum, take issues about technologies and tools to improve the efficiency of business management are addressed.

CRE Awards

CRE AWARDS professional award was established in 2014 at the initiative of the CREWeek organizing committee and has already established itself as an important and prestigious event in the commercial real estate market. The winners of the Prize each year become the best representatives in their category, meeting the modern requirements of commercial real estate.
Victory in the Prize is evaluated by the professional community as an important achievement and contributes to the promotion of the company’s image at the Kazakhstani and international level.
Annual nominations:

  • Best Office Property
  • Best Retail Property
  • The best object of hotel real estate
  • Best Warehouse Property
  • Best Commercial Property
  • Best Management Company of the Year
  • Best Manager of the Year
  • Best Service Company
  • Manager of the year
  • Developer of the year
  • Consultant of the year
  • Other

Comments of customers/clients

Zhuldyz KakenovFounder and CEO Marden Realty
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Such a platform as a Commercial Real Estate Week allows us to share an experience, information, knowledge, consolidate society and set new tasks for ourselves. Nowadays, foreign companies, eminent, come to our market with a brand. Therefore, I think, at CREW, we could promote our domestic companies, promote our brands, which will show who we are, how we can work professionally, what we have in our managerial arsenal, the owners of commercial real estate will see that we professionally shape the market.
Shuhrat AdilovManaging director of Mobil Realty
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Thanks to the first week of commercial real estate, it became clear that the market matured to conduct discussions and for a dialogues. Here, a wide range of issues which were touched upon, starting from the development, building management, interaction with suppliers, customers, government regulation, insurance and financial real estate funds. For me personally, it was very useful. Therefore, during these two days I learned a lot and met many people. Such dialogue platforms, exhibition areas provide an opportunity to express themselves and their ambitions.
Junior Donald TrumpVice president of The Trump Organization
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I was glad to participate in the Commercial Real Estate Week 2015. Platform offers networking opportunities, to meet new partners and provide good deals. The Tramp Organization ready to work only with the reliable partners in Kazakhstan.
Crishtiano ChekatoExecutive Director of Zaha Hadid Architects
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Kazakhstan is a big country with a rich history. Here I see many opportunities for collaboration. In particular, the Week of Commercial Real Estate provides a platform for establishing a dialogue between companies from around the world. We would be interested in participating and contributing to the development of wonderful architectural projects in Kazakhstan.
Sergei AspenkoDirector of sports facilities in Almaty
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For CRE market such events are useful for all players, as they help specialists to find and analyze current problems, establish contacts, and also assess the quality of the market as a whole. We are talking about new formats, new quality of old formats, advanced technologies and new market players.
Elza RozentalChief of Commercial Officer of the ARCADA Group
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Such a platform discovers new developers, investors and gives them a lot of topics for reflection to the participants themselves. Therefore, holding such a forum is a necessary for the market. And it can be carried out even more often than the organizers intend, or maybe in some other formats more narrowly directed, local, pointwise.
Ksave VilaltaFounder of Vilalta Arquitectura
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I am glad to be here, in my point of view, one of the first events organized at a high level. Astana is the young city which, have a huge opportunities for the development process. As an architecture, I appreciate all my projects. I am interested in working in Astana. I wish you all of the best in developing of the platform.
Oleg AltshulCEO of the Eurasian Development and Management Company
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In my opinion, at the current moment, the market of Kazakhstan is slightly undervalued by Western and Russian retailers. Therefore, unfortunately, we have a larger market for tenants than developers. In this regard, retailers order their game and only large companies that have a branch network, mainly in Almaty, Astana, Karaganda can resist for the game of retailers.
Rinat KasymovCEO of Mercury Properties
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Our market needs Commercial Real Estate Week. Such events, helps create dialog between participants and share information and to get acquainted with the main trends in the local and international market of CRE.

Market news

Upcoming events

CREW Almaty 2021: оглашен список победителей CRE AWARDS 2021

20 октября 2021 года, в г. Алматы Kazakhstan Networking Partners провели локальный форум CREW Almaty 2021. Здесь, участники рынка недвижимости со разных городов Казахстана впервые после длительного перерыва, встретились для обсуждения актуальных вопросов. Спикеры из рынка делились своими кейсами и проблемными вопросами, состоялся качественный нетворкинг и общение в кругу профессионалов коммерческой недвижимости. Ключевыми тезисами звучала тема — в каком направлении двигаться рынку, и чего ожидать от следующего года, какие тренды и события ожидают наших игроков. И нас, как площадку, приятно радует тот факт, что одним из главных трендов озвучен тренд на информационную открытость рынка: делиться информацией, цифрами, внедрить единый классификатор объектов офисной и торговой недвижимости.

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